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Campaign description

Litterbugs Plastics is a Staffordshire initiative that turns plastic waste and plastic litter into useful and reusable everyday items. 

Plastic waste has become a threat to entire ecosystems and societies. It is deteriorating our planet and people’s lives. It is a problem. A material made to last hundreds of years that is only used for minutes, a fraction of its possible lifespan, and quickly discarded.

All the plastic laying around us is a resource, and should not be wasted or left to harm the environment; its people and its wildlife. If treated correctly, this resource can become a source of product innovation, community support and an educational tool for our community.

Utilising the global Precious Plastic initiative, we want to show the world the incredible opportunities of plastic waste in order to eliminate plastic pollution, reducing the demand for new virgin plastic and closing its materials loop while creating better livelihoods for communities. Precious Plastic is, above all, a cultural tool to change the way society perceives plastic, and we intend to use that tool to create Litterbug Plastics from plastic waste discarded in Staffordshire.

We will establish a workshop in Uttoxeter, using machines that are created from recycled materials, we will teach volunteers recycling technologies, infrastructures and knowledge on how to use moulds and consumer products and support community projects with useful items (such as chairs, gardening tools, kitchenware, school equipment) – all made from litter!