Plastic Recycling Scheme Now Closed Until 8th November

The community has been donating plastic on mass and we are so pleased to see the amount of people recycling. However, we have become a victim of our own success, as a non profit, volunteer-led organisation, we need to be able to catch up on demand and bring some new measures into place to cope with the amount of plastic donations we are receiving.
To do this, we will be pausing our plastic donations and will reopen to take them as of the 8th November. Donations for the other schemes (pet food pouches, crisp packets etc) are still being accepted.
As a free service, provided by the community for the community, we are so overjoyed by the success of the project and hope you continue to support and bear with us as the service grows.
To find out more about what and when we accept recycling we have developed a dedicated webpage with status updates: which also has a live chat facility to ask your recycling questions.

Be part of Plastic Free Uttoxeter

Uttoxeter is working towards becoming a Plastic Free community, eradicating the unnecessary use of single use plastic.

Join us for a public open-to-all session that will explain the background of the national Plastic Free Community network and how we can roll this out in Uttoxeter to affect change locally and how you can get involved. Whether you are an eco-resident, a conscientious business person or a school educator – all are welcome.

The event will take place in the Waitrose Community Room on 5th June and the evenings running order is as follows:
7:00pm Introductions
7:10pm Presentation from Plastic Free Uttoxeter Community Leader.
7:40pm Q&A, feedback discussion
8:10pm Networking
8:30pm Close

Event Background:
We live in a plastic world. It’s an extraordinarily useful, versatile, cheap material. And it’s everywhere. It’s a growth industry, with one in every ten barrels of oil now used to create new plastic.

Together, we can make sure we kick our addiction to avoidable single-use plastic, and change the system that produces it. We can make sure we don’t choke our streets, parks and playgrounds with it. Because if it’s on our street today, then it’s in our rivers tomorrow, and our beaches and oceans forever.

But we can only do all of this together. That’s why we have joined the national network of Plastic Free Communities to help make Uttoxeter single use plastic free.

#WorldEnvironmentDay #PlasticFree #PlasticFreeUttoxeter

Is ‘Plastic Free’ realistic?

Written by Kate Copeland, Founder

After recently reading an interesting article about the plastic packaging paradox by Tim Harford, it gave me food for thought, quite literally and also made me mull over the term ‘plastic free’. Plastic in its entirety has a terrible reputation but we cannot just react and remove it, deeming ourselves plastic free without thought for the consequences.

It may surprise people to hear I’m not a huge fan of the term ‘plastic free’, it’s misleading, it should be ‘single and minimal use plastic free’ – granted, that’s not so catchy! My point is, the best among us couldn’t remain plastic free… we have a phones, laptops with plastic parts, you might use a plastic asthma inhaler or plastic medical implants, as with anything else, it’s about how we responsibly use the tools we are given and then ensuring they are recycled or reused at the end of their lifespan.

Sadly, we all know there isn’t a quick fix to the plastic epidemic but we need to arm ourselves with enough knowledge to make sure we can adapt as things change and we learn to live without plastic.

For instance in Mr. Harford’s article he mentions how plastic wraps minimise food waste, if we remove one problem, we create another. Whilst the article is referring more to the industry supply chain waste, we need to look at what we can do at home to help, for instance if a cucumber wrapper is removed and the cucumber starts to turn sooner after purchase, keep it in a glass of water in the fridge to naturally prolong its shelf life. These aren’t permanent solutions but small tid bits of advice like this all helps minimise environmental disruption while industries figure out a sustainable balance for eco alternatives that support the bigger picture (which we can also influence with our purchasing choices).

On reflection, perhaps the term shouldn’t be ‘Plastic Free’ but instead ‘Plastic Freedom’, freedom from the plastics we should live without and freedom to use reusable plastics that we manage responsibly in the interim of change.

#AdaptToChange #ChangeWhatsInYourControl #BigPicture #PlasticFreedom #SmartAction #SustainableShopping

Uttoxeter is set to get it’s first eco shop

The shop is the latest offering at Globe’s eco centre on the Bramshall Road, located on site at the Strawberry Garden Centre. The eco shop opens the doors to the public on Wednesday 3rd April and will host a variety of sustainable home and personal care products. Customers will also be able to  bring their own containers and top up on items from shampoo to washing up liquid to dry food items such as pasta, flour and even locally made chocolate.

The shop will also be selling Litterbug products created on site at Globe’s very own craft workshop made by volunteer recycling champions. Every product is created from sustainable, recycled plastic that would have otherwise remained as litter or waste headed for landfill or incineration. Litterbug products will include clocks, clipboards, bowls and much more.

Globe Founder, Kate Copeland said “We are so pleased to be launching Uttoxeter’s first eco shop, We are working with a range of fantastic suppliers and artists to make this possible, including Roots Larder, who will now have a permanent stock at the shop.

“The eco shop will open on Wednesday with a smaller stock, that will gradually be built up for our official launch event on Good Friday. We hope to bring our community easy access to sustainable products and also support and guidance for achieving a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

“We are also proud to sell our hand-crafted products from our Litterbug workshop, no two items are the same and each product helps to keep plastic from polluting our environment. All profits generated from the shop we be reinvested in our community to help support environmental education programmes.”

Suppliers to the shop include NJ Clay a local artist and Roots Larder an established mobile shopping experience who is also opening another permanent location in Stafford.

Nigel Evans, Roots founder added “After providing a mobile shop service at the Uttoxeter Makers Market, I’m pleased to be now working with the Eco Centre and helping the community access a range of environmentally friendly products and ethically sourced whole foods. It’s exciting to be part of a great initiative that supports and engages residents and makes a huge impact at a local level.”

Globe is inviting local residents to come down and see all that the shop and eco centre have to offer at the official shop launch event on 19th April (Good Friday), the festivities will start at 2pm and guests will be able to enjoy a sparkling reception and have access to peruse the full range of products.

For more information about the shop, including opening times and product range, please visit




The Globe Foundation celebrates Aviva funding for plastics recycling

The Litterbug Project has won £9,840 for its community recycling facility, following an announcement this week by the Aviva Community Fund. Globe’s Litterbug Project which is based on-site at the Globe Eco Centre, will help to minimise plastic waste and litter in the local environment through a community education and recycling centre. The project will […]

Funding awarded for eco-friendly female workshops

The Globe Foundation has been awarded £5,000 through the Tampon Tax Fund, to support women and girls to build skills and confidence, improve their health and wellbeing, and build social networks. Just one of us will use more than 11,000 disposable chemically-bleached sanitary products in a lifetime. There is a lot of attention in the […]

A crisp new recycling scheme for Uttoxeter

Every year countless pieces of crisp packets end up in landfill sites across the UK. The Globe Foundation are working with TerraCycle® to put an end to this enormous loss of resources. The Crisp Packet Recycling Scheme allows us to recycle your crisp packets and prevent them from ending up in landfill. Not only are […]

Globe have their cake and eat it with a new recycling scheme

We are pleased to announce our Eco Centre is now a collection point to recycle wrappers through TerraCycle UK‘s new Pladis Biscuits and Snacks Recycling Programme. TerraCycle have partnered with McVitie’s®, Carr’s®, Go Ahead® and Jacob’s® to create a free to use recycling programme for any brand of biscuit, cracker and cake wrappers, and a fundraising opportunity for […]

Eco Centre Update

Following months of fundraising, consultation and planning, we are pleased to announce that we will be shortly starting work on site at our new location (on land next to the Strawberry Garden Centre, Bramshall Road) to create Uttoxeter’s first community-led Eco Centre and Recycling Facility. Pictured above is the layout that shows our four areas on […]

Calling all community groups

The Litterbug Plastics project will help to minimise this plastic waste by setting up a recycling workshop in Uttoxeter that turns the plastic litter (collected from the streets and other sources) into reusable everyday items for community benefit.

However, there are quite a number of things that plastic litter and waste can be turned into, we need your help and feedback to understand exactly what products our local community groups and charities need. We will be donating an amount of the products made to various charities and clubs, whilst selling the remaining items to help sustain the project and create job and skill opportunities.

Please complete the below survey to help us better understand what will make the most difference:

Find out more information about The Litterbug Project