Waste becomes food for thought!

We shop without checking what we’ve already got at home. We boil too much rice because who knows how much to cook? We leave salads to wilt in their bags, chuck out half a loaf of bread and end up with cartons of out-of-date milk because we bought a spare, just in case. When it comes to food we are spoilt for choice. In the UK alone, we throw away the equivalent of 1 in 5 bags of food shopping. According to WRAP research, that wasted food costs money – roughly £230 per person annually in the UK.

It’s not surprising that this waste also comes at a great cost to the environment, the amount of C02 it emits is equal to that generated by a quarter of the cars on our roads! In the midst of a climate emergency, its more urgent than ever, that we do more to reduce our food waste to save our planet and our bank balance!

Globe are keen to make sure food waste is a thing of the past and have launched two new food workshops aimed at helping individuals tackle food waste and its environmental impact.

Globe Director, Kate Copeland commented “Our lives are currently flooded with information about climate change, plastics and quite frankly, a bleak picture of the future for our environment. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Making small changes can have a really positive effect, not only for the planet but for our health and wellbeing. Not to mention cost savings!

Lots of people are of aware they need to change habits but aren’t quite sure how best to make it work for their day to day lives. We have teamed up with PK Whalen, Vegan Food Blogger and Sustainable Specialist, to show how simple it can be to take small steps and make a big difference, while actually having some fun in the process.”

The first workshop, Low Carbon Cooking, will be held at Globe’s Eco Centre on the 14th March and will explore how to reduce the carbon footprint of your cooking, reviewing everything from choice ingredients to food storage and cooking techniques.  

Photos Courtesy and Copyright of Tang Tongue Tales

The second workshop on 25th April, Meat-Free Menus, is particularly aimed at new vegetarians and vegans, or simply for those who want to reduce meat from their diet. The low meat / no meat approach helps to again, significantly reduce CO2 emissions. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t eat meat, but buy less and buy better quality, supporting local Staffordshire farmers.   

Both workshops are £15 a ticket and will involve tasting a wide range of foods and introducing a range of different ingredients and recipes, to book your place please visit globefoundation.org.uk/events

Photos Courtesy and Copyright of Tang Tongue Tales

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