Be part of Plastic Free Uttoxeter

Uttoxeter is working towards becoming a Plastic Free community, eradicating the unnecessary use of single use plastic.

Join us for a public open-to-all session that will explain the background of the national Plastic Free Community network and how we can roll this out in Uttoxeter to affect change locally and how you can get involved. Whether you are an eco-resident, a conscientious business person or a school educator – all are welcome.

The event will take place in the Waitrose Community Room on 5th June and the evenings running order is as follows:
7:00pm Introductions
7:10pm Presentation from Plastic Free Uttoxeter Community Leader.
7:40pm Q&A, feedback discussion
8:10pm Networking
8:30pm Close

Event Background:
We live in a plastic world. It’s an extraordinarily useful, versatile, cheap material. And it’s everywhere. It’s a growth industry, with one in every ten barrels of oil now used to create new plastic.

Together, we can make sure we kick our addiction to avoidable single-use plastic, and change the system that produces it. We can make sure we don’t choke our streets, parks and playgrounds with it. Because if it’s on our street today, then it’s in our rivers tomorrow, and our beaches and oceans forever.

But we can only do all of this together. That’s why we have joined the national network of Plastic Free Communities to help make Uttoxeter single use plastic free.

#WorldEnvironmentDay #PlasticFree #PlasticFreeUttoxeter

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